In Time

In Time is the first of its kind, a YouTube news and culture commentary channel, featuring educational programs, guest interviews, live hangouts, and Breaking News.

Join hosts Nicholas Lamar Soutter, Christopher Maute, Courtney Stewart, and Vox Publius for In Time as we interview special guests on topics like religion, culture, medicine, philosophy, civics, and social media. Get the latest on global politics as well as smaller stories about YouTube and social media.

Breaking News:
When news breaks, find us covering the latest details, integrating trending social media with up to the minute coverage. We cover what’s trending, how the events are playing out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and put it into the larger context of history and politics. And with our worldwide network of correspondents, you’ll often find us breaking stories ahead of mainstream media sources.

Join us as we interview new and interesting guests, from Aron Ra, Landon Curt Noll, Matt Dillahunty, Fred the Fellon, and Surris the Skeptic. Pioneers, ground breaking guests, wistle-blowers and career criminals, we don’t shy away from controversy.

Come and watch our weekly and monthly series, like On Philosophy, American Civics, and On Writing, Get in-depth knowledge from experts, and see how things really work!

Want to join us? Come in to a hangout and meet others. Talk about the latest news, bring your experiences to the table and let your voice be heard!