Patreon Hangout

Hey guys!

It’s amazing how quickly time flies, and we’ve been insanely busy. 80 Hour weeks for Ansgar and I. We’ve just finished the new Aftershow hangout and introduction, and we’ve got some incredible guests we’re working on.

The Patreon Hangout is coming up this Wednesday, Sep 25th, at 2pm EST. We hope you’ll all join Ansgar and I for a private hangout. It should be a lot of fun!

The support of our Patreons means so much to us. We’re dedicated to making sure we’re always engaged with you guys.

I’ve started a video blog on the behind the scenes of the show. It will be aired on, but you’ll get advanced screenings here. It’s my observations on In Time, what we’re doing, our goals, and so on. It’s got a 4 week lead so as not to interfere with the show, but they’ll start coming out next month.

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