Join hosts Nicholas Lamar Soutter and Ansgar Odinson for In Time, the YouTube show on politics, culture, and breaking news. Meet special guests on topics like religion, polyamory, medicine and social media. Get the latest on global politics as well as smaller storied on YouTube and social media. When news breaks, find the two covering the latest details, integrating trending social media with up to the minute coverage. Then, join Nick and Ansgar for The Aftershow, where you can hang out with them and meet the guests for yourself; or, if you’re lucky, join Ansgar for After Dark, and watch things get really rowdy.

Nick is a Massachusetts based writer. His seminal work, “The Water Thief” was a novelized critique of capitalism. Compared to 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and the works Philip K Dick, it was hailed as “A powerful saga that deserves to be in every school and debated by any who question authority and elements of freedom in society.” by the Midwest Book Review and A brilliant rebuttal of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged” by Clarion. His second book, “Confessions of a Sin Eater” which he co-wrote with Jack McClintock, was the memoirs of a prison psychologist working 10 years in a maximum security prison, was hailed as an “outstanding account of prison psychology” and “The best book on prisons since Mailer’s ‘When the Prisoners Ran Walpole'”.

He graduated with BA’s in Philosophy and Psychology from Clark university. He’s an accredited teacher, teaching English, Social Studies, and Computer Science for middle school and high school, and former political operative. He is active on YouTube, engaging in political and philosophical programs, while raising his two girls with his wife in Massachusetts.

Ansgar lives with his wife Growly Bite Bite in California. He’s a professional artist, YouTuber, and social comentator. His show “Puppet Gothic Theater” frequently takes on complex and controversial cultural topics by directly challenging “political correctness” and virtue signaling.

Together th

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