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In Time has done multiple shows on the YouTube channel “NonSequitur”, where Kyle Curtis unceremoniously ejected his partner, Steve McRae, from the channel.

A short summary of the situation can be found on Mr. Soutter’s blog on The Humanist Codex, here.

Our first video covered the entire event, from beginning to the air date on Aug 21, 2019

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This website, owned by the state of California, covers the 5 categories of Medi-Cal, and was referenced during the show. Under Medi-Cal for income, under which McRae was receiving benefits, it clearly states that assets are not counted for the purposes of qualification.
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Below are the legal documents in the case:

COMPLAINT: McRae-v.-Curtis (08-23-19)
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NOTICE OF DESIGNATION McRae v. Curtis (00161515xACCF9) (0823-19-)
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Certificate of Service against Mr. Curtis

Affidavit of Service of Process.

Proposed Order.

Motion for Entry of Default

Civil Summons. (00161506xACCF9)

Litigation Hold

Designation by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of North Carolina in which NonSequitur is declared a defacto partnership and the complaint assigned to the Mandatory Complex Business Court of NC.
A screenshot of a PDF. This document was presented to Mr. McRae by Mr. Curtis as intent to form a general partnership. Mr. Curtis claims to have filed this and formed the partnership legally, though there is no evidence any paperwork was ever filed, and this was never signed by McRae.
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